"Vintage Toyo Dresser/Vanity Box - Lillian August Design - Floral Motif - Bronze and Beige

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Stunning vintage Toyo dresser/vanity box designed by the renowned Lillian August. This beautiful box stands elegantly on feet, featuring an oval shape with handles on each side and a knobbed lid for easy access. The bronze and beige painted exterior showcase a captivating floral motif, while the interior is tastefully painted in black.

Measuring 6" in height, 8" in width, and 5 1/2" in depth, this vintage box is the perfect size for storing your cherished items. It is in excellent vintage condition, radiating timeless beauty and charm.  Please refer to the provided photos for full details.

Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping, bringing this exquisite vintage Toyo dresser/vanity box straight to your doorstep. Enhance your home decor with this remarkable piece, showcasing Lillian August's signature design and a delightful floral motif in elegant bronze and beige hues.

Bring a touch of vintage sophistication to your space with this collectible Toyo dresser/vanity box. Its impeccable design and excellent condition make it a true treasure worth owning.