Sawyer's Crystal Blue 10 Oz Glass Bottle

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Vintage Sawyer's Crystal Blue 10 Oz Glass Bottle. I've never come across one of these bottles in this condition! The original paper label is in near perfect condition with only minor wear noted to a small area at the top of the label. The metal cap is intact with the recommended pinhole pierced through the top center. The glass bottle itself is in perfect condition with no noted damage, cracks or scratches. This is a clear glass bottle measuring approximately 7.5" high by 3.25" wide by 1.5" deep. The front bottom of the bottle reads, "Sawyer's" and the back bottom reads, "Crystal Blue". The paper label on the front of the bottle is blue, red and white and provides directions on how to use the product. 


***This is a vintage item and therefore it is in neither new nor perfect condition. The age, patina, and history of vintage and antique items contribute to their overall uniqueness and beauty. Make sure to view all photos as well as the condition noted in the item description. Please contact us with any questions before making your purchase. We are always more than happy to chat with our customers and provide any additional information that is required.***