Vintage R.A. Marshall Rustic Italian Hand-Painted Wood Decorative Tray with Floral Design | 13" Wide

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Capture the beauty of the past with this gorgeous vintage 1960s R.A. Marshall Imports hand-painted decorative wooden tray. With its circular shape and scalloped edge, this tray exudes timeless charm and elegance.

The tray features a distressed beige color, allowing the natural wood to peek through at the edges, adding a touch of rustic allure. Adorning the tray is a stunning wildflower design, showcasing purple irises, white wild roses, and pink daisies, each brushstroke meticulously hand-painted.

Measuring 13" in diameter and 3/4" in height, this tray provides ample space for serving or displaying your favorite items. Its size and intricate detailing make it a true centerpiece for any setting.

Preserving its historical origins, the back of the tray proudly displays the original label, which reads, "from Italy for R.A. Marshall Imports, inc." Additionally, a faint note in charming penciled cursive reads, "Curio Cabinet Fragile," adding a delightful touch of nostalgia.

Rest assured, this vintage tray is in excellent condition, carefully maintained throughout the years. It showcases no notable damage or imperfections, ensuring its lasting beauty and functionality.

For a comprehensive view of the tray's exquisite details, please refer to the provided photos, which capture its allure from every angle.

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