Exceptional Vintage Mid-Century Afghan Rug | Pictorial Design | Wool | Natural Dyes | Free Shipping

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Exceptional vintage Mid-Century Afghan rug, handcrafted in a village with meticulous artistry. Made from 100% wool and adorned with natural dyes, this rug showcases a striking combination of dark reds, black, and white colors. The pictorial design features geometric patterns and birds, creating a captivating visual story.

Measuring approximately 101" long by 65" wide, this rug boasts an even medium pile throughout. It features a three-layer border that adds depth and elegance to its design. Over time, the fringe has been cut short, a characteristic commonly found in older rugs. Despite its age, this rug is in excellent vintage condition, free from any damage, repairs, odors, or stains.

Professionally cleaned and ready for its new home, this rug carries the unique charm and eccentricities that make vintage handmade rugs truly special. Embrace its individuality and let it add character to your space.

Please explore the provided photos for a closer look at the intricate details of this exceptional Mid-Century Afghan rug. We offer free shipping for a seamless and convenient shopping experience.

As with all handmade rugs, this piece may not be perfect, but it is the uniqueness and distinctiveness that make it truly special. Care for this rug by spot cleaning with a solution of white vinegar and water (1 part to 2), and for a full rug clean, professional cleaning is recommended.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this exceptional vintage Afghan rug, showcasing the artistry of village craftsmanship and adding a touch of cultural heritage to your home decor.