Unique Vintage Wood Carved Relief Framed Artwork, Castle on a Cliff, Made with Bark and Birch, Signed by Artist, 13" by 7"

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Extremely unique and detailed handmade carved wood relief. This one-of-a-kind framed carving showcases a captivating scene of a castle perched atop a cliff, overlooking sailboats sailing in the waters below. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this three-dimensional piece of art combines natural bark, white birch, and a variety of other wood types, resulting in a truly exceptional masterpiece.

Item Details:
Type: Handmade Carved Wood Relief
Design: Castle on a Cliff with Sailboats
Materials: Natural Bark, White Birch, Various Wood Types
Dimensions: 13 1/2" high by 7 1/2" wide by 3/4" deep
Signature: Artist's Signature and Date (1994) on the back
Condition: Very good vintage condition

Immerse yourself in the intricate craftsmanship of this handmade carved wood relief. Every detail, from the castle perched high on the cliff to the meticulously carved sailboats, showcases the artist's exceptional skill and creativity. The use of natural bark, white birch, and various wood types adds depth and texture to this remarkable piece.

Measuring 13 1/2" high by 7 1/2" wide by 3/4" deep, this wood relief demands attention and makes a stunning focal point in any space. The three-dimensional nature of the carving enhances its visual impact and allows for a truly immersive viewing experience.

To authenticate this extraordinary piece, the artist has personally signed and dated it on the back, adding an extra layer of value and provenance. The signature and date, 1994, serve as a testament to the time and dedication invested in creating this captivating artwork.

In very good vintage condition, this wood relief maintains its overall quality and allure. As a handmade item, including the frame, it is important to note that there may be some minor imperfections, particularly in the corners and the back, which have been taped. However, when displayed, these minor flaws do not detract from the beauty and impact of the artwork.

Please review the provided photos for a comprehensive view of the wood relief, showcasing its intricate details and overall presentation.

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