Set of 4 Molded Colored Glass Bottles by Gardeners Eden

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Set of 4 Molded Colored Glass Bottles by Gardeners Eden. This pretty set features 4 different colored glass bottles consisting of purple, blue, green, and yellow. Each bottle is a different shape and has a sticker attached to the underside which reads, "Gardeners Eden - Made in Thailand". Excellent condition with no noted chips or cracks. This is a great set to display in a windowsill or among your vintage collection of colored glass.


  • Green glass bottle measures 6" High by 1 3/4" Wide by 1 3/4" Deep
  • Yellow glass bottle measures 5" High by 1 1/2" Wide by 1 1/2" Deep
  • Blue glass bottle measures 4" High by 2 1/4" Wide by 2 1/4" Deep
  • Purple glass bottle measures 5 1/4" High by 2 1/4" Wide by 1 1/3" Deep

***This is a vintage item and therefore it is in neither new nor perfect condition. The age, patina, and history of vintage and antique items contribute to their overall uniqueness and beauty. Make sure to view all photos as well as the condition noted in the item description. Please contact us with any questions before making your purchase. We are always more than happy to chat with our customers and provide any additional information that is required. Thank you for supporting our small business!***