Handwoven Reed Box Basket Bag

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The Reed Box Basket from Bohemia is handwoven in Morocco by skilled artisans, using locally sourced reeds and finished with sturdy and robust sisal handles. Its compact boxy shape is ideally sized to hold all your essentials. It would make an ideal everyday bag, gift basket, market bag, or even a wine carrier. Neat and easily transportable, this super cute shape is set to become our favorite basket bag. Measures approximately 12 inches high by 9 inches wide by 6 inches deep. All sizes are approximate as each bag is handwoven by an artisan weaver who uses their own unique weaving style and technique

  • Reed Box Basket Bag
  • Handwoven from Reeds with Natural Sisal Handles
  • Compact and Sturdy Boxy Shape
  • Dimensions: 12" High x 9" Wide x 6" Deep