Pair of Gorgeous Mid-Century Century Furniture Chairs | Peach Satin with Velvet Embroidery

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Introducing this stunning pair of Mid-Century Century Furniture chairs, exquisitely upholstered in a subtle peach satin fabric adorned with luxurious velvet embroidery. The harmonious combination of textures and hues elevates these chairs to a level of sophistication that will enhance any interior space.

Designed with attention to detail, the chairs feature straight wooden legs concealed by thickly skirted feet, adding an elegant touch to their overall aesthetic. The carved wood arms exhibit remarkable craftsmanship, showcasing intricate detailing that reflects the artistry of the era. With their high backs, generous proportions, and plush cushioning, these chairs offer exceptional comfort without compromising style.

Every element of the design is carefully considered, down to the long satin sashes gracefully draping from the back of the chairs and the matching piping that enhances the overall cohesion. The chairs are presented in excellent, clean vintage condition, free from stains or odors. Some loose threads may be present in the velvet embroidery, which is inherent to this type of upholstery and does not diminish their allure.

Both the springs and cushions are in superb condition, ensuring optimal comfort and support. For a comprehensive understanding of their condition and design, please refer to the provided photographs, which capture the chairs in their entirety.

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