Nature's Art - The Inner and Outer Dimensions of the Shell by William A. Conklin | 1988 Edition | Hardcover with Dust Jacket | Free Shipping

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"Nature's Art - The Inner and Outer Dimensions of the Shell" by William A. Conklin. This 1988 edition hardcover book, accompanied by a dust jacket, presents a unique blend of radiography, photography, and conchology.

With 241 printed pages, Conklin showcases his exceptional artistry, combining black and white x-ray photographs of seashells with vibrant color photographs of their exteriors. This stunning juxtaposition reveals the hidden beauty within the shells, showcasing their inner dimensions that are equally enchanting as their exteriors.

Each shell featured in this book is a perfect specimen, carefully selected for its exquisite inner and outer dimensional beauty and configuration. From common whelks found on the United States' beaches to rare cowries from Fiji, Conklin's artistry celebrates the diversity and splendor of seashells.

This vintage book is in excellent condition with a strong binding. Please note that the previous owner wrote in black on the first page, as shown in the photos. However, the rest of the pages are clean and unmarked.

Measuring 9 1/4" in height, 12 1/2" in width, and 1" in thickness, this book weighs approximately 3 pounds and 7 ounces. We have provided detailed photos for your closer examination.

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