Living with Wicker Book by Richard Saunders and Paula Olsson | 1994 Edition | Exquisite Illustrations | Free Shipping

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of wicker with the "Living with Wicker" book by Richard Saunders and Paula Olsson. This 1994 edition, featuring exquisite illustrations and photographs by Gary Denys, is a must-have for wicker enthusiasts and anyone seeking inspiration for their dream home.

Discover a wealth of possibilities for decorating your living spaces, whether it's your home, apartment, or outdoor areas. With over 200 stunning photographs, the authors showcase the versatility of wicker furniture and accessories, including chairs, settees, benches, planters, cabinets, picture frames, and tables.

Embark on a dream tour of beautifully adorned rooms and gardens across the East Coast to the West, all brought to life with the timeless elegance of wicker. Let the authors guide you in creating spaces that exude charm, comfort, and style.

This lifestyle book offers both inspiration and valuable insights into the art of living with wicker. With 159 printed pages, it is filled with expert advice and captivating visuals that will ignite your imagination.

The book, published by Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, is in very good condition, with the 1994 edition featuring a dust jacket. Please note that the dust jacket may show mild discoloration from age, adding to its vintage appeal.

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