Jay King Sterling Silver Beaded Agate Necklace, Multicolored Polished Agate Necklace, 925 Silver Adjustable Hook Clasp

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Uplift your jewelry collection with this exquisite DTR Jay King sterling silver polished agate beaded necklace. Crafted with exceptional artistry, this necklace features a captivating combination of different colored agate beads elegantly spaced between sleek black agate. Each bead boasts a diameter of approximately 1/4".

The necklace is secured with a sterling silver .925 adjustable hook closure, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference. Measuring 18" in length, it offers an additional 2 1/2" on the adjustable chain, ensuring a comfortable and versatile wear.

This sterling silver agate beaded necklace is in excellent condition, showcasing its remarkable quality and impeccable craftsmanship. It is flawlessly maintained, exhibiting no signs of damage or prior use. Please view the provided photos for a closer look.

With our offer of free shipping, you can effortlessly add this stunning DTR Jay King necklace to your collection. Enhance your style and embrace the allure of genuine gemstones with this exceptional necklace.