Incredible Vintage 1940s 4 Mink Stole, C. Jorgensen, Dark Brown Mink Stole, 94" Long, 4 Mink Stole with Feet and Black Velvet Lining

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Exceptional vintage 1940s to early 1950s C. Jorgensen 4 mink stole. Lush dark brown mink with black velvet and button closure. The main part of the stole is constructed of 4 individual minks with the bottom part thinning down to 2 separate minks with the feet and tails attached. It is really an incredible vintage fur! The interior velvet is embroidered with the initials, "JMH". The C. Jorgensen Pasadena label is sewn onto the top middle interior.

Dimensions: 94" long by 16" wide (at the widest part). Each individual mink measures 4" wide.

Brand: C. Jorgensen

Age: 75 to 80 years old (1940s to early 1950s)

Condition: Excellent and clean vintage condition. The only defects I can see are a missing button (there should be a total of 2 buttoned clasps and there is only one), one of the tails is thinning at the center (the other 3 tails are plush and intact), and a few loose threads to the interior. The fur itself is in fantastic shape with no tears or damage that I can see. Please see provided photos for full details.

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