Vintage 1970s Etched Brass Elephant | Large Decorative Accent with Stunning Patina | 22" Tall

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Step into the enchanting world of vintage decor with this remarkable find - a stunning etched brass elephant from the 1970s. Embodying elegance and artistry, this large and heavy elephant showcases intricate etched details and a captivating upturned trunk adorned with majestic tusks. With dimensions of 22 1/2" high by 22" wide by 7" deep, it commands attention and adds a touch of vintage charm to any space.

The brass structure of the elephant is in excellent condition, showcasing its timeless craftsmanship. Delicate green patina accents enhance its age and uniqueness, further elevating its allure. This extraordinary piece is a true testament to the artistry of the past.

Whether you're a collector or an admirer of vintage treasures, this etched brass elephant is sure to captivate. Its size and presence make it an ideal centerpiece or focal point in your home decor. Embrace its history and let it become a conversation starter among your guests.

Free delivery is available for those located in Savannah, Georgia, and surrounding areas. If you're located elsewhere, please reach out to us for a shipping quote. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this remarkable vintage piece into your space. Explore the provided photos to fully appreciate its beauty and character.

Note: As with any vintage item, slight variations may occur, adding to its unique appeal.