Retro Expandable Wood Accordion Wall Hanger | Hand-Finished | 10 Pegs | Up to 30" Wide

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Bring a touch of retro charm to your space with the Hand-Finished Expandable Wood Accordion Wall Hanger. This versatile wall hanger features a classic accordion design and is hand-finished for a unique and authentic look.

With 10 sturdy pegs, this wall hanger offers ample storage space for coats, hats, scarves, keys, and more. Expandable up to 30" wide, it provides flexibility and convenience to fit your specific needs.

Mounting this wall hanger is a breeze, thanks to the 4 metal tabs on the hanger - 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Simply secure it to the wall and enjoy its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Crafted with care, this accordion wall hanger measures up to 30" wide by 9 3/4" high by 2 3/4" deep, ensuring sufficient space for your belongings. Its hand-finished details add a touch of character and warmth to any room.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and retro style with the Hand-Finished Expandable Wood Accordion Wall Hanger. Upgrade your organization and make a statement with this timeless piece.