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Discover a piece of history with this unique antique mid-19th-century framed engraving depicting The Imperial Prince of France. Dated to the early 1860s, this historical artwork offers a captivating glimpse into the fashion and style of that era. The engraving showcases the detailed portrait and costume of the Prince Imperial of France, accompanied by a descriptive account of his outfit.

The engraving depicts a skirt of black velvet with large box plaits at the waist, a full embroidered shirt, and a jacket of black velvet. The skirt and jacket are adorned with a wreath of leaves cut out of white satin and braided with a fancy black and gold braid, as described in the engraving's accompanying text.

Presented in a gold-painted wood frame with glass and a delicate light pink matting, this artwork is both visually striking and historically significant. The frame is wired for easy hanging and measures approximately 14 1/2" high by 11 1/4" wide.

The engraving itself is in very good antique condition, showing minimal discoloration from age and no apparent damage. Please note that the print has not been examined outside of the frame. The frame, while in good condition, exhibits some loss to the gold paint and a few minor knicks and dings, adding to its authentic antique character.

For a comprehensive view of its exceptional condition and intricate details, please refer to the provided photos. Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique antique framed engraving of The Imperial Prince of France. Take advantage of our free shipping offer and add a touch of history and elegance to your art collection or home decor.