Carved Cement House Planter | Cement Cache Pot | Cottage Home Planter | 3" Tall

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Charming carved cement house planter. Crafted with love, this adorable cache pot showcases a peak-roofed house design with intricately carved details on both the front and back.

Material: Carved Cement
Design: Peak-Roofed House with Carved Details
Size: 4" (H) x 4" (W) x 4" (D)
Ideal Use: Perfect for Angel Plants or Succulents

Embrace the whimsical beauty of this carved cement house planter, designed to add a touch of delight to any space. The meticulously carved details on the front and back of the planter showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation. Each glance at this charming cache pot will bring a smile to your face.

Measuring a compact 4" in height, 4" in width, and 4" in depth, this planter is perfectly suited for housing your favorite angel plant or succulent. Its size allows for versatile placement, whether it's on a windowsill, desk, shelf, or as part of a decorative arrangement.