Reproduction Magnesia Virgin Mary Statue | Antique Style | Hand-Finished Details |12" Tall

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Seize the timeless beauty and spiritual significance of our Reproduction Magnesia Virgin Mary Statue, meticulously crafted with an antique-inspired style. This exquisite statue captures the essence of devotion and serenity, showcasing beautiful hand-finished details that add depth and character to the piece.

The Virgin Mary is gracefully depicted with her hands clasped in prayer, her gaze tenderly focused downwards. Every intricate detail, from the delicate facial features to the flowing robes, is meticulously sculpted and hand-finished, creating a truly captivating and reverential representation.

Measuring 12 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth at the base, this statue is a substantial and impactful piece that can easily become a focal point of your spiritual or decorative display. Its compact size makes it versatile and suitable for various settings, whether placed on a shelf, mantel, or prayer altar.

Crafted from magnesia, a durable and lightweight material, this reproduction statue offers the beauty of an antique piece with the convenience of modern construction. The antiqued finish enhances its vintage appeal, giving it a weathered and time-worn appearance.

Bring a sense of grace, devotion, and timeless elegance to your space with our Reproduction Magnesia Virgin Mary Statue. Whether displayed as a symbol of faith or appreciated for its artistic beauty, this statue is a meaningful addition to your home, church, or sacred space.