Antique Art Nouveau Pewter Pin Dish, Confessions, Cupid, Early 1900s Embossed Footed Pin Dish, Vanity Décor, GWS

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Antique art nouveau lady and cupid "confessions" pewter pin dish. Early 19th-century solid pewter-footed pin dish. Embossed design of cupid whispering into a beautiful long-haired woman's ear. Organic patina has aged the pewter to a "brass" color but it can be polished to its original finish if so desired. The dish has one long foot so that it sits at an angle. The underside of the dish is marked, "GWS AB FEIN ZINN - Pewter" along with some other words/letters that are difficult to make out. Please see below details.

Type: pin dish
Material: pewter
Name: Confessions
Theme: whispering cherub and long-haired woman
Age: 120-125 years
Attributes: embossed, footed
Dimensions: 3 3/4" wide by 3 1/2" deep by 1" high
Condition: very good antique condition with expected wear; organic patina

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