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Explore the rich history of early American ironware with the 1979 edition of "American Copper & Brass" by Henry J. Kauffman. This book, complete with a dust jacket, offers a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of America's vital iron and steel industry.

Featuring 265 illustrations, this book delves into the early days of American iron and steel, covering various aspects such as blacksmiths, whitesmiths, farriers, edge tool makers, cutlers, locksmiths, gunsmiths, nailers, wheelwrights, and tinsmiths. Its separate chapters provide in-depth insights into the craftsmen and establishments that played a crucial role in shaping America's industrial heritage.

This 1979 edition, published by Bonanza Books, a division of Crown Publishers, presents a valuable resource for history enthusiasts and collectors. With 288 printed pages, the book offers a wealth of knowledge in a convenient size of 10 1/4" high, 7 1/3" wide, and 1" deep.

While the book is in very good condition with some discoloration from age, please note that the dust jacket exhibits some bends around the edges. We have provided detailed photos for your closer examination.

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