2001 Carson 2 Piece Pewter Covered Hummingbird Soap Dish

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I am so tempted to keep this one! 2001 Carson Pewter Covered Hummingbird Soap Dish. This two-piece soap dish features an ornately etched pewter hummingbird on top of an embossed floral designed oval-shaped lid. The base of the soap dish has an engraved Celtic-like design with holes for drainage. The base is also footed to keep it from sitting flush to the surface of the countertop. It's really such a pretty soap dish! The top of the base is engraved, "Carson 2001". The soap dish measures approximately 6 3/4" long by 4 1/4" wide by 4" high (to the top of the hummingbird). It is in excellent condition with no noted damage or tarnish. Please see provided photos for full details.

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