Beautiful Vintage Santons Florence Handmade Clay Doll - Collectible Lavender Seller

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Experience the allure of this exquisite vintage collectible Santons Florence clay doll, capturing the essence of a lavender seller on the streets of France. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this doll portrays an elderly woman with gray hair adorned in a white bonnet, reminiscent of the charming scenes of Provence.

The doll's attire features a captivating layered blue and white skirt accompanied by a lovely blue floral shawl. Its hand-painted facial features add a touch of realism, bringing this collectible doll to life. Crafted entirely from clay, including the body, head, and base, it exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship of Santons Florence.

Authenticity is assured with the doll's underside marked as "Santons Florence - Made in France Provence." This mark validates its origin and underscores its collectible value.

Measuring approximately 10 1/2" in height, 4 3/4" in width at 3 1/2" in depth, this vintage clay doll showcases impressive proportions, allowing you to appreciate its intricate design and captivating presence.

Preserved in excellent vintage condition, this doll remains free from any damage or flaws, ensuring its lasting beauty. It's worth noting that the dried lavender accompanying the doll is original and fragile at this point, but can be replaced if desired.

For a closer look, please refer to the provided photos, which capture the doll's enchanting details and overall condition.

Take advantage of our free shipping offer to acquire this beautiful vintage collectible Santons Florence clay doll. Capture the essence of the lavender-scented streets of France and add a touch of elegance and culture to your collection.