Antique Hand-Forged Copper & Brass Handheld Tibetan Mani Prayer Wheel With Large Mantra Scroll

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Exceptional antique early 20th-century hand-forged copper and brass handheld Tibetan Mani prayer wheel. This prayer wheel contains a large roll of parchment stamped in ink with the Mani Padme Hum, printed in the Ranjana script. The mantra invokes the spiritual power and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. It is thought that the more copies of the mantra (the larger the mantra), the stronger it is.

Everything about this relic is fascinating. The bamboo handle is capped on both ends with copper bands with beaded brass adornments. The casing for the mantra was intricately made showcasing symbols of the mantra on the exterior. All of the adornments on the casing are sodered onto the casing. The brass weight is attached to the casing by a chain. The weight is used to assist in spinning the wheel which is traditionally done counterclockwise.

The bamboo handle has a metal rod that slides through a hole in the bottom of the mantra casing and the mantra itself. The top of the interior of the casing has a small divet that aligns with the rod so that it sits securely when spinning the wheel.

Very good antique condition with some obvious signs of age and use. This is a handmade and hand-forged item so it is by no means perfect. You have to remove the bottom of the mantra cover to reveal the parchment inside. It's a little tricky getting it back on but only takes a few seconds once you've figured out how to do it. You have to be careful when placing the handle back on the wheel and make sure that the metal rod aligns through the parchment and into the hole. Once completely in place, the wheel turns without any issues. Please see provided photos for full details.

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