Vintage Handmade Ceramic Holy Water Font with Cross | Wall Hung Religious Item | White Blue Yellow Pattern | 8" Tall

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Beautiful and one-of-a-kind vintage handmade ceramic holy water font with cross. This religious item is designed to be hung on the wall and adds a touch of spirituality to any space. The font features a simple yet elegant design, with a white base adorned with a bold blue and yellow pattern.

The back of the cross is unglazed and signed, adding a personal touch to this unique piece. While we have been unable to identify the maker, it only adds to the intrigue and charm of the piece. Additionally, the back of the font is dedicated to the original owners, further adding to its sentimental value.

With dimensions of 8" in height, 5" in width, and 2" in depth, it is the perfect size to fit comfortably in any room. It is in excellent vintage condition, meticulously cared for, and free from any chips, cracks, or crazing that might diminish its beauty.

We have provided detailed photos for you to explore. Rest assured, this font will be carefully packaged and shipped to you with no additional cost for shipping. Place your order today to bring this exquisite vintage ceramic holy water font into your home.